mom-mode post #209 – high five for Friday

August 10, 2012 § Leave a comment


This week went by in flash! But I’m not complaining, for today we are in Istanbul, kicking off what will be an epic vacation! My sister arrives tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to show her Turkey and of course to watch her play with her favorite nephew.

The past few days I’ve conquered tons of handmade projects on my to-do list, but we were also busy escaping from the heat:

1. I made this sock monkey for O, one of my first projects with my new (to me) machine.

2. We join our friends for an iftar meal (the meal where they break their fast) and we were royally stuffed.

3. It’s been so hot, we have had to get creative and play inside. O loved this sensory activity I set out for him. He played and played and then we cleaned up. We were still finding lentils around our living room the next day. But it was a well worth it activity.

4. Another handmade finished product, my very first knitting project. Don’t look at it too closely, but I’m so very proud of it.

5. I went downtown to run some errands and this scene just struck me. It is such an everyday scene here, yet so different from where I come. Living in a new culture has its drawbacks, but it has countless benefits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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mom-mode post #207 – on high fivein’ for Friday (Instagram)

August 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long hot week, so I’m in need on focusing on the positive highlights of my week. So this Friday I give a high-five to:

1. My sweet friend who is moving and decided to bless me with this little beauty:

(will this be the year I finally conquer my dream of learning to sew?)

2. A sweet date with this little guy:


3. Beach time with O and his babysitter:


4. For looking to live a healthier life:



5. For this postcard I sent for O while we were in France. It finally arrived this week (only a few months later):


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mom-mode post #205 – on Instagrammin’ it

July 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

It was a bit of a crazy week here. My babysitter got sick, the heat got the best of us, so not much blogging got done.
I figured a quick update via Instagram would do the trick.

Most of my mornings started out like this. Some quiet time before my guys woke up.


We got to spend some time with our sweet friends for breakfast, before their big month of fasting started.

My son is a genius, thank you very much. He looked at this and said: it's a circle mommy! He knows most of his shapes. I'm telling you, he is Ivy League material, I just know it! 20120727-114358.jpg

We may or may not have had popsicles several days in a row. It was hot. We were bored. 20120727-114407.jpg

I just recently bought this dress and I'm so glad. It is nice and cool and perfect for this hot weather.20120727-114419.jpg

I made this for a friend's girl's birthday. I had so much fun. I just LOVE sketching. I need to take the time to do it more. 20120727-114428.jpg

A little night stroll by the sea with my sweet friend. 20120727-114436.jpg

That’s it friends. It’s been crazy, it’s been hot but it’s been mostly fun. Forget the part I complain everyday about sweating so much, having no central a/c, not being able to wear shorts when I’m out. I’m thankful for today, for this little hot corner of the world I live in, for His amazing grace and blessings He has showered upon me.

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mommode post #193 – on Instafriday!

June 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

Wow, is it Friday already? Here’s what we’ve been up to this week!

Started off catching up with some ironing. I never iron, but this shirt had been in storage so it needed a little iron love.

These two take forever to get going in the mornings. Look at that Buddha belly, so sweet.

My organized mess glamourizing drawer.

20120615-153650.jpg I’m at stay at home mom, but I just love putting on my make up every morning. Even if its minimal. 😉

20120615-154014.jpg This was this child’s first popsicle. Did he love it or what?

20120615-154414.jpg Loving my fun new pillow. Got it on sale! Yeah!

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mom-mode post #187 – on Instagrammin’ it

June 8, 2012 § 4 Comments

Our week, in Instagrams.

Oliver and Gram wasted no time catching up.


The husband and Oliver in gorgeous, beautiful Cappadocia, Turkey.


A little afternoon pick me up, delish madeleines and some good music.


Hot air balloons in Cappadocia. One of the most magical things I’ve seen in a while.


O decided to wear his bib to watch his morning show. Toddlers are so quirky. Or is it just mine? 😉


After a crazy hot day, we woke up to a gorgeous rainy morning on Wednesday.


This week went by so quick!

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