mom-mode post #226 – on our 7th anniversary

December 4, 2012 § 7 Comments


The husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday. Time continues to fly around here.
We started off the morning with breakfast in bed. I made some heart-shaped pancakes with a number seven made out of chocolate chips.
We then spent the morning decorating our tree with O. Well, O watched and ate treats while we decorated it! 😉
The husband planned a fun outing for us in a town nearby. We did a little shopping and then ate at this great place called “The River Company”. It was the perfect blend of cozy but not too casual. They had a fire going and the food was excellent. I wish I had taken some pictures but I forgot! I had the filet mignon with fries. You know me, gotta have my meat. But then I tasted of the husband’s organic mashed potatoes and I begged him to switch sides with me. He kindly gave me the rest of his mashed potatoes. See now why he’s a keeper? He’s a kind, kind man. 😉 We have a set of about ten questions we ask each other at every anniversary. Things like where do you see our family in five years, what is making you happy right now, etc. It’s fun. We also always play a round of our game of choice, Scrabble. But my iphone wasn’t working properly last night and I had left my ipad in the car. Maybe tonight we’ll get to play. But no need to wait and see who the winner will be, for the husband ALWAYS wins. I’m a sad and pathetic loser.
After gorging ourselves, I was in the mood for cupcakes! The husband, go figure, wanted some Cinnabon. He’s addicted, I tell you. So every time we are in America, he indulges at every chance he gets. I was laughing because he got such a tall glass of milk. I could never drink that much milk in one sitting!
We couldn’t find a bakery that was open, so I resorted to Walmart and found me a delightful little vanilla cupcake with a Scooby-Doo ring on it. It was a classy little thing.
The husband had planned for us to go to the movies, but they were only showing guy stuff. The only one I said ok to was “Skyfall”. And what do you know? I actually enjoyed it! I had never watched a Daniel Craig 007 movie and this was fun to watch! Especially since the opening scene was shot in Turkey. We love watching movies set there so we can see if the filmmakers are depicting our beloved country of residence correctly!

Overall it was a great way to celebrate a great year in our marriage! We have come a long way this year, having grown tremendously over the past three years in Turkey. Parenthood also made us more mature and made us realize that to keep our marriage strong, we must work at it and stay proactive.

As we were checking out at Walmart, laughing because we were being stared at by the cashiers for being dressed up a little more than their usual crowd, I looked at the husband and thought: Life sure turned out pretty nice for us.


Happy Anniversary, husband! You are my most favorite person. Ever.

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