Pregnancy style

December 11, 2013 § 3 Comments


I had grand plans of taking real pictures of my pregnancy style, but you know, life.

So here’s a few snapshots of some of my maternity outfits. Although, don’t tell anyone, most of these clothes aren’t really maternity. ūüėČ

photo 5

32 weeks

It’s getting colder here, so I am getting creative with my layering techniques. I do have two maternity coats, but I just love this J.Crew caramel coat. So I have kept on wearing it even though it doesn’t button anymore.

coat, J.Crew/ shirt, H&M/ dress, H&M/ maternity tights, Penty/ boots, Deichman

photo 4

30 weeks

coat, Ralph Lauren (thrifted)/ scarf, local bazaar

photo 3

29 weeks

coat, vintage Banana Republic (ebay find)/ sweatshirt, American Eagle/ tee, Gap/ maternity jeans, shoes, Mango

photo 2

27 weeks

Dress, Mudo/ jacket, Forever 21/ maternity tights, Penty/ boots, Deichman

photo 4

25 weeks

Maternity dress, Target (old, borrowed from a friend)/boots, Deichman

photo 1

22 weeks

Dress, Mudo/ rain boots , old

photo 4 copy

20 weeks

denim jacket, Gap (DYI’d the ombre sleeves)/ neon top, Zara/ skirt, Old Navy/ flats, old

photo 1 copy

19 weeks

shirt, forever 21/ belt, thrifted/ skirt, self-made/ sandals, Bambi

That’s all, folks!

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August Favorites

August 29, 2013 § 5 Comments

Happy Friday everyone! Here my August Favorites:

1 on my nightstand

I’ve read a lot of light fiction lately, nothing newsworthy. But let me share two non-fiction books that should make your wish list if you’re mom. Or if you know a mama that needs a gift:



This book was such a great read for the season of life I’m in. When I first saw the title I didn’t think it was for me. After all, I’m not desperate. I was able to glean so much wisdom from this book. Truly recommend it!

The other book is for those of you who, like me, had not much clue about feeding my 3-year-old. I read a ton about feeding my baby, but once he reached toddlerhood and got picky, I was at a loss. I’m learning a lot from this book. Easy, simple to read.



2 on my tv

Well, while my dad was here, he got me a subscription to a Brazilian new channel so I can watch it online. So I’ve been pretty much just watching Brazilian news. And Project Runway, of course.

3 in my ears

I’ve listened to a lot of Matt Papa, which is unusual for me. I don’t normally listen to their style of music. But we got a chance to listen to them lead worship at a retreat and it was SO refreshing. Great, great lyrics. This one is my very favorite.

Another song on repeat is this one:

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé РBeneath Your Beautiful from Tanjim on Vimeo.

4 in my closet/ vanity

I actually didn’t go shopping this month. Saving up for Fall. I hope to add these two items to my closet/vanity:


(Mango ankle boots)

And now that I’ve reached the prime age of 31, I heard this baby works miracles on your skin:


(Kiehls Midnight Recover Concentrate)

5 on my iPad

Loving this app6a00d8358081ff69e2019101f5e869970c-800wi

 to jazz up my Instagrams!

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Target maxi skirt + tee + finding my pregnancy style

August 28, 2013 § 7 Comments


Skirt, Target (similar)/ shirt, DIY / jacket, Gap – DIY bleached (similar)/ sandals, Gap (similar)




I realized I never posted this outfit. This was earlier in the Summer when the bump was still small and the weather was still mild.

I wore a uniform for all of my school career. Every day of my school life, I had no opportunity to express myself. The decision of what I was going to wear had been made for me. Some mornings I was thankful for not having to think about  what to put on my body, but most days I longed for the opportunity to be creative with what I wore. When I started college, it was the first time I got to inject my personality and my state of mind into what I was wearing. Those years were fun and eye-opening.

My freshman year, my mom found this lady that made hand-woven scarves (almost a shawl, really) and asked her to make me a bright orange one. If I could choose only one piece to define my college years, that soft and shiny orangey scarf would be it. I wore it with my awesome denim jacket ( it was the 2000’s people!) to school, I wore it with a bright turquoise dress to a party. I wore with a white tank top in the Summer. I wore it with my brown cowboy boots in the Winter. That scarf was the epitome of my freedom to express myself the way I knew best, through clothing.

I’ve gone through a bit of a style crisis lately. With my last pregnancy, I was going through so much transition, I just didn’t have the chance to find styles that fit my bump and my personality. I ended up wearing a lot of clothes generously given to me by sweet friends, but they just simply weren’t my style. I had a hard time making it my own with my ever-growing body.

I am not quite sure how I am going to do it, I am on a budget and my belly keeps growing… But I hope to keep my sense of style and identity ¬†this go round. I’m hoping to find my “orange scarf” all over again. In order to do so, I made up a list of what made that scarf so key in helping me define my sense of style (after years of wearing a uniform ).

If you are in a style rut too, I hope this list will help you as well.




1. Unique: The piece must be one-of-a-kind. Something exquisite like my handmade scarf, makes the piece extra special. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be something you bought at H&M, as long as it looks like something special and truly unique.

2. Remarkable: Along the lines of uniqueness, a remarkable piece is one people will always remember you by. A rich color, a delicate texture, an interesting pattern will do the trick.

3.¬†Versatile: My orange scarf was my go-to accessory for everything, night and day, fancy or everyday. You wouldn’t think an orange scarf to be versatile, but it worked for me. Versatile pieces aren’t made only of black, gray and denim.

4.¬†Make you feel like yourself:¬†This perhaps, if the most important part of all. It has to be that shoe/bag/skirt that when people look at it they think ¬†“that’s Priscila’s”. My orange scarf doesn’t show who I am anymore ( I’m out of college and way past my twenties), so I must look for something that defines my current place in life and sense of style.


Wish me luck on finding that key piece!

Tell me, do you have one thing in your closet that defines your style? What is it?


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First trimester outfits + Hi, I’m back.

August 23, 2013 § 3 Comments

I am going to a pretend it hasn’t been forever since I’ve updated this blog and just jump right back in. Is that okay?

The main reason for my sudden disappearance:


All-day nausea, sheer exhausting and the crazy heat of summer, aren’t a good combo for when you are trying to find your blogging muse.

I still got dressed most days though, I posted some of those outfits on Instagram.

I have worn a lot of loose clothing. Trying to mask that awkward in-between stage when your bump hasn’t quite popped out and it just looks like you’ve had too many cupcakes. Here’s an iPhone glimpse of some of my favorite outfits this trimester:

photo 1 copy

I wore this to a wedding. The bump was still barely there.  Dress, Ipekyol/ shoes, Aerosoles.

photo 4 copyAnother early on outfit. About ten weeks here. Shirt, Forever 21/ skirt, self-made/ shoes, a gift from my mom/ bag, Nine West.

photo 3 copy                   12 weeks here. My red pants still fit comfortably. Top, Mango/ pants, Forever 21/ sandals, Gap.

photo 5 copy

13 weeks here. I said I’d never do it, but these pants are just too comfortable to say never.¬†Pants, C&A/ shirt, DIY / sandals, Target.

photo 2 copy

15 and 1/2 weeks. Freaked out by how quickly the bump just popped out! Shirt, Zara/ skirt, Old Navy/ Flats, H&M.

photo 1-1 copy16 weeks. An early attempt at maternity pants. I’d forgotten how comfy they are. Unfortunately these kept sliding down all day. Maybe a couple more weeks.¬†Maternity jeans, Unionbay via Amazon/ shirt, Zara.

Well, I hope to be back with some higher quality pictures of my evolving bump style as well as some more decor around our new place. Meanwhile I leave with these two great guides on flat sandals and how to cuff your jeans.

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Long chambray shirt + white summer dress + rain boots

June 4, 2013 § 14 Comments

I got these wellies (rain boots, if you will) on a desperate rainy day. I had taken public transportation wearing some flimsy little sandals. They barely held up in the summer rain.  It was the most perfect coincidence to walk in my grocery super store and see their rain gear was out and on sale. I snatched the least crazy looking color and went my merry, dry way.


 confession: I rarely use my iron. Time to change that!

I didn’t come upon this outfit on my own… I was inspired by this lady here.¬†When I was a teacher I think every other outfit of mine was belted. I just always thought it made me look more polished. These days I go for the laid back vibe more often than not.


*I use affiliate links*

{shirt, stolen from my sister (similar)/ dress, Mudo (similar)/ wellies, grocery store (similar)/ belt, AE (similar)}

The forecast was calling for 80 percent chance of rain. So I thought I’d be prepared. Well, it rain mostly while I was getting ready. By the time I got out of the house the drizzling had stopped. But it was still cloudy, so I felt like my boots were still a legit choice.

What is your favorite go-to rain gear (wellies, umbrella, raincoat)? I despise being wet and I live in a place where I have to walk everywhere, so any rainy day advice is welcome!

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Define your home style in three words

June 3, 2013 § 6 Comments

If you could sum up your personal style in three words, what would they be? That’s the question my blog friend Alison asked the other day on her blog.

I had my answer ready: simple, cute (ha) and cool. At least that’s what I strive for in my daily dressing. I want to feel cute, I want it to be non-fussy and I want to look like a cool mama. Much like these ladies.

We’ve just moved, and with it the opportunity to redecorate ( or at least move things around). So I’ve thought a lot about my home style. I know what I don’t want. I can tell you right away that “cute” is not a look I want in my home. Or ‘whimsy’. You know those people who love of touch of whimsy in their home decor? Not me.

I was still struggling to find what I DO want my home to say. So in light of Alison’s three-word summary, I thought I’d come up with three words I want my home style to be:



1. Simple. Because I’m a busy mama and I just don’t do complicated. I want most things in my home to have beauty and function. We live in small apartment, so there’s no room for clutter. Or things that just aren’t pretty or useful. I still have a ways to go, but I really would like my home to be as free of clutter as possible.


my nesting tables are a great example of form and function


arranging books in a pretty way makes me happy

2. Cozy. I live in a concrete jungle. When people come into my home, I want it to be a cozy and inviting relief. To me, cozy is achieved by different textures. Rugs are a must in this culture so I filled our home with them. A crochet throw, a ¬†soft couch and pillows, baskets. All those things add much-needed texture and layers to our home. I also would love to add a fur through but the husband just won’t let me.



3. Soulful. I want our home to reflect us. Our cultures, the places we’ve been, the people we love. I want the furniture in our home to have history. Unfortunately, I don’t live somewhere where there are flea markets and thrift stores. A lot of our home came from Ikea, but I am trying to bring soul into it by adding a fresh coat of paint, a special sentimental blanket and even some hand-me-down furniture. We live a transient lifestyle and so do our expat friends. So our home is full of furniture that once belonged to dear friends of ours. It is sweet to sit down on our couch and think of our dear friends who generously gave us this couch once they moved.


A vivacious 3-year-old boy adds a lot of soul to a home.


Hope you enjoy these little glimpses of our new home.

What three words would you use to describe your home style?

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May Favorites

May 31, 2013 § 3 Comments

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