Little boy style, puffy vest

December 20, 2012 § 2 Comments


Christmas sweaters in general are not my cup of tea. But someone gave us this cute little snowmen sweater so I thought the puffy vest would break the nerd-factor of the sweater.
This was the first time O got to cut his own tree. He got scared by the loud noise of the chainsaw, but loved running around the trees.
I’m loving making new memories and seeing Christmas through his eyes!


So tell me, do you cut your own tree, use an artificial or go for a pre-cut?

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Little boy style

December 13, 2012 § 5 Comments


When I found out I was having a boy, I was thrilled. I love the energy little boys have (I used to be a teacher). O and I have the most fun adventures together. I come from an all-girl family and I am a major girlie girl. But I was even excited about finding little boys’ clothes and making him look like a stylish little man. I was, however, shocked by the disparate sizes of boys and girl’s clothing departments. You walk into Target and there’s a small corner for boys, and racks and racks of clothing for girls. Not fair!
Since O was born, I have learned of Zulily, and other internet boutiques. But I live in Turkey and shipping things there most of the time isn’t free. Plus their prices tend to be higher then say, Carter’s or Old Navy.
That’s when my mother-in-law came to the rescue. She has the gift of thrifting, and she has been a life-saver in my quest to dress O in a cute yet affordable way.
This whole outfit came together in under 20 dollars, including the bow-tie. 🙂

I wanna know, do you prefer to dress little boys like a little man, or do you go for the practical and fun style for boys?

  • p.s.: I sometimes go for the little man style, sometimes I prefer the practicality of play pants and a tee. But my biggest little boy clothing pet peeve? Licensed characters. But that’s enough conversation for another post!
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